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Summer Drinks That Are Anything But Basic


I love a good summer drink to cool down with, and I’m not picky either. A boozy cocktail in the backyard or a refreshing, nutrient-packed smoothie to start the day with works for me! When I think of summer, I think of lots of on-the-go adventures – especially for those on summer break. This Blueberry Yum-Yum Smoothie is perfect to whip up on the way out the door. You can pour it into a to-go glass, grab your bag, and head to the beach. The best part? It’s so easy to make - it calls for some blueberries, of course, Greek yogurt, a banana, vanilla extract, cinnamon and dates – easy as can be!

lorin's smoothies-11 (2)

Another quick and easy smoothie recipe to start the day with is our Blackberry Pineapple Smoothie. This literally tastes like summer. It’s fresh and tangy, and sure to start the day off right. California Giant blackberries are in season and better than ever during the summer months in California – add them to your cocktail for garnish or tossed into your smoothies for extra sweetness. If you don’t finish your clamshell of fresh blackberries, just add them into Tupperware and store them in the freezer for tasty smoothies like this.


Now for the fun stuff: a few of my favorite summer cocktails. I LOVE raspberries incorporated into cocktails (not just because raspberries happen to be my favorite berry) but because they have so much flavor. Our Raspberry Greyhound recipe is delish, and not to mention Instagram-worthy. The addition of the rosemary adds a fun pop of color and aroma to the cocktail that I love.

raspberry greyhound-15

Having company over or an occasion to celebrate? The best way to do that is with our Blackberry and Thyme Margarita. I mean, have you seen a cocktail so pretty? I almost don’t want to drink it (not really, I definitely do!) This recipe has a few extra steps but they’re all worth it – I promise! You start off by creating a simple syrup with sugar and water, and add a lime-wedge to your glass and glide it around the rim. Next, add some salt to the rim, fill the glass with ice, and muddle your lime juice, thyme and blackberries in your cocktail shaker. To finish it off, add tequila, your simple syrup, triple sec, and 1 cup of ice and shake, shake, shake one last time!  Strain over the glasses of ice and garnish with thyme and more fresh blackberries. See, not too difficult and oh so worth it.

blackberry thyme margarita-6

What are your go-to summer drinks? Whether it’s a cocktail, mocktail or smoothie I’d love to hear! Have you tried any of my favorites above? Let me know in the comments section below. Cheers!


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