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The Berry Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes


April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day, and yes - you can celebrate this mouthwatering holiday with berries! California Giant berries are so versatile that they don’t just have to be used in sweet dishes, but they can also be used in savory dishes to balance the flavor profile of the dish. 

With these recipes, you’ll be able to give your traditional grilled cheese sandwich a unique and delicious berry twist.


Blueberry Grilled Cheese Picnic Packets

These melty, cheesy, mouthwatering Blueberry Grilled Cheese Picnic Packets are so good you might not be able to wait to grill them at your picnic! We won’t judge. 

The marinated California Giant blueberries really take this sandwich up a notch. When the fresh blueberries marinate in balsamic vinegar, they strike a beautiful balance of sweet and tart flavors - an ideal companion for a rich grilled cheese sandwich.

blueberry grilled cheese

Tip: These sandwiches are at their most delicious when they’re warm, so be sure to devour them right away!


Petite Grilled Brie Sandwiches

From homemade Blueberry Hibiscus Jam to the Sesame Crusted Strawberries and the Berry Salsa Fresca, this recipe definitely qualifies as a “leveled up” grilled cheese. These mini sandwiches are a great finger food/appetizer, just be sure to make enough to go around - these will be the talk of the party!

grilled brie on a slice of bread topped with berry jam and a strawberry

Tip: This Blueberry Hibiscus Jam recipe would also be delicious as a topping to baked brie! Simply roll out a sheet of puff pastry, place the brie cheese on top, smother with the Blueberry Hibiscus Jam, top with almonds, bundle the pastry around the cheese, and bake at 425 degrees until golden brown.


How are you going to use berries for National Grilled Cheese Day? Tell us in the comments!

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