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3 Nutritional Facts About Fresh Berries You May Not Have Known


CG-11550-1468-MixedBerryBowlThe oh-so sweet flavor of berries does more than satisfy your taste buds. These bright, colorful fruits are rich in antioxidants, keeping you stronger, healthier, and less likely to get sick—which is especially important during flu season. And if that's not enough to get you to boost your daily dose of berries, I hope the following nutritional facts are!


While many of us might think sipping down a glass of orange juice is the easiest way to get Vitamin C, did you know that just 8 strawberries contain more Vitamin C than an orange (per serving)? Strawberries are also filled with fiber, which keeps you fuller for longer and aids in your digestion. That's a lot of nutritional value for one little fruit! Click here to learn more about strawberries, along with proper storage and handling tips to keep them fresher for longer.




Blueberries may be small in size, but they are BIG in nutritional value and are one of the sweetest superfoods out there! If you’re trying to aid your digestive system or improve cognitive function, adding blueberries to your regular diet can help with both.



Raspberries are asnutrition_rasp nutritious as they are beautiful! Since they are rich in flavanoids and gallic acid, they play a vital role in heart health and can help prevent cardiovascular disease. In addition, raspberries are also full of Vitamin C and therefore help boost your immune system.  

So there you have it—powerful things CAN come in small packages, and our berries are delicious proof!

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