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Burrata With Jalapeño Honey + Fresh Blackberries & Raspberries


There are so many things to love about the summer season, but poolside snacking has to be one of the best. What better way to welcome this summer than by sharing an ooey, gooey, creamy burrata with friends and family? The creaminess of the cheese pairs perfectly with the tartness and of the berries, and the drizzle of honey on top rounds everything out with a touch of sweetness! 

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1 fresh burrata

1cup California Giant® Blackberries

1 cup California Giant® Raspberries

½ cup honey

2 jalapeños, stems removed (keep seeds in)

Pinch of sea salt



  • Chop jalapeños into small pieces and set aside in small bowl.
  • Heat honey in a small sauce pot or saute pan until warm
  • Pour warm honey over jalapeños and allow to steep until room temperature (if you like less spicy, let steep for less time). On a small platter, place the cheese in the center and then surround with mixed berries.
  • Strain off or spoon out jalapeños from the honey.
  • Drizzle honey over top of berries and cheese.
  • Finish with a pinch of sea salt.

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