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Fall Recipes That Please Any Family Member


Hello Fall! I love when the weather starts to feel crisp and cool throughout the day and driving through town to see the changing colors on the trees. It’s that sure sign that winter is ahead, and I need to dust off my slow cooker and baking pans. This is that time of year I have the urge to bake pies, cobblers and other recipes that bubble in the oven and smell amazing. 

Baking for the family doesn't have to be an overwhelming process--just stick to the ingredients that everyone will love: berries. Here are a few of my family's must-have recipes that are guaranteed to please any family member:

Blackberry Raspberry Cobbler


Speaking of Fall, there are some great recipes on our website that are my ‘go-to’ fall recipes that my family loves and requests on a regular basis this time of year. like this berry cobbler.  For me, its all about making the house smell delicious and getting everyone excited about what’s for dessert and being able to whip it together quickly. 

Raspberry Scones with a Ginger Glaze

raspberry scones-10

In charge of breakfast one morning? Whip up this scone recipe for an easy, tasty treat that even a grandma like me would approve of! These can be made the day before if you're a little nervous about cooking in front of family members. But don't worry, the smell of these scones in the oven will warm any heart. ♥

Berry Galette

berry galette-4


This beautiful berry galette is not only delicious, but it also helps to decorate the table when putting a buffet together full of different items for everyone to share. Plus, it's super easy to make and looks even better when it's messy! It's basically a pie dough in pizza form - who can argue with that? 

Enjoy Fall and we look forward to stepping into winter with you as we create some fun new recipes that will spark your interest and taste buds.

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