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Lunchbox Combos Everyone Will Love


someone sitting at a picnic table reaching into a bag with fresh berries

Back to school season is my favorite time of year because it’s the perfect opportunity to shake up your weekly routine! I never knew what events a new school year would hold, and it’s exciting watching my children go through the back to school process with my grandchildren.  

They’re getting ready to meet the teachers and the kiddos are already packing up their backpacks with their new school supplies. I always loved shopping for new school supplies and I’m glad my grandchildren let me tag along to enjoy the process. They all have their backpacks but my children are looking for the perfect lunchboxes to fit into their bags because as teenagers, they tend to forget things they have to carry unless it’s their cell phones.

They’ll have to continue searching for the perfect lunchboxes, but they already have a few go-to lunches and afternoon snacks the grandbabies are going to love. 

Rice Cakes with Nut Butter and Berries

rice cakes topped with chocolate and berries and another one topped with peanut butter and berries

Can you say yum?! These rice cakes work as an on-the-go breakfast, lunchbox treat, and after-school snack. Rice cakes are relatively low in calories but high in flavor. I enjoy putting my favorite nut butter on a caramel rice cake with strawberries for a super easy high protein treat.

Strawberry Sandwiches

strawberry sandwich topoed with brie cheese and strawberries

My youngest child never enjoyed deli meat so we had to be creative when making sandwiches. She loves low-fat cream cheese and strawberries so I combined the two into a sweet and savory strawberry sandwich. This sandwich is the perfect size for little hands, but you’ll have to include wipes in your little one’s lunchbox so they can remove any honey that could potentially end up in their hair.

Blackened Chicken Tacos with Strawberry Salsa

chicken tacos topped with diced strawberries, cilantro, and a wedge of lime

I typically enjoyed these tacos for dinner and then packed whatever goodies remained into meal prep containers so nothing would go to waste. I still enjoy cooking big dinners so I can munch on the leftovers throughout the week.

The best part about these lunchbox combos is their perfect for kids and adults! These meals are super healthy and they’re absolutely delicious.

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